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guys, please read this. im trying to spread awareness about this and it's really important to me ▸



hi guys! this is really important to me, so if you would read it, it would mean a lot. 

the book ‘50 shades of grey’ is not about BDSM. this book has sexual abuse in it, rape, and its awful. at one point in the book, Christian ignores his and Anastasia’s safe word and i dont think you understand how awful that is

one of the comments on this thread says, If a safe word is not respected, that’s non-consensual sex. Which is another term for rape. Pure and simple.”

people are romanticizing and fucking up what BDSM is about. it gives people who enjoy that type of sex a bad name. yes, some people enjoy that kind, that is perfectly okay





look just please reblog and spread this message this is really really important to me and it just upsets me so much

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guys please like i dont think you realize how important this is

its promoting the rape culture that we have

this book (THAT IS BEING TURNED INTO A MOVIE) is promoting rape culture

as somebody who has dealt with sexual abuse, this really means a lot to me. another comment i found appropriate and important:

"The entire premise is super shady, what with him being her boss and all. However, if people want to indulge in a rape fantasy, that’s no skin of my nose. Not in itself. BUT it needs to be advertised/categorized as such.

Every time someone (mis)label Fifty Shades of Gray as a portrayal of BDSM, presumably to lend an air of respectability to its producers and/or consumers, they become complicit in the normalization of rape and other act of sexual abuse and, in turn, the vilification of people who practise BDSM by likening them to perpetrators of sexual abuse.”